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Share your business card

Anyone can receive your electronic business card, even if they are not a Lemontaps user. Share the profile card via QR code, link, NFC card and more!

No more wasted paper and lost contacts. Now efficiently share, capture, analyze & manage contact data, links & documents.

Companies worldwide rely on Lemontaps 

So many ways to share


Download the QR code into the wallet with 1 click and always have it handy. 

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QR code 

It can be downloaded directly in the app.

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NFC cards

The profile is shared by tapping the card against a smartphone. 

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Send Link

Send your link to new contacts via e.g. Linkedin or Whatsapp.

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Lock screen

Generate a lock screen with your image and your QR code.

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Videocall background

Create individual backgrounds with the QR-Code for Zoom, Teams, etc.

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Email Signature

Share your business card with every email you send. 

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Paper Card

For your employees who don't want to go fully digital yet, print the QR code on the card.

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Your marketing idea?

Whether on pizza boxes, cars or exhibition stands, get creative! 

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Share even without Internet

The online version updates automatically with every change and opens the complete digital profile. The offline QR code does not require an internet connection as it does not update itself automatically. It leads directly to the .vcf contact file. We recommend that you always download both and have them handy!

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