IT security and compliance
at enterprise level

Lemontaps meets your essential requirements to enable your team to work securely and successfully. Our software is developed and hosted in Germany. The protection of your data and information is our highest priority.

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Certifications and proofs

Lemontaps complies with European data protection laws and security standards. Our measures help you meet your compliance obligations.

ISO/IEC 27001

Lemontaps is certified by TÜV ISO/IEC 27001, a globally recognized standard for an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

GDPR compliant

Our product is fully GDPR compliant and thus ensures the protection of personal data.

Made & hosted in Germany

Lemontaps is developed in Germany and hosted exclusively on German servers in encrypted form.


Your data is safe with Lemontaps secure.

When developing Lemontaps, we follow the security-by-design approach to ensure that your data is optimally protected. We use best practices to ensure the highest possible security.

Security infrastructure

Lemontaps infrastructure is equipped with multiple layers of security to ensure data security during transmission, storage and processing.
We offer our customers protection through encryption, restricted access and secure software development.

Operational security

Lemontaps continuously introduces new security features and monitors the platform for potential malicious activity. The platform's security is regularly reviewed and validated by an external penetration tester to ensure continued security against potential points of attack.

Product safety

Lemontaps not only provides you with robust data protection, but also admin capabilities that ensure increased visibility and control over your data. Enterprise admins can securely deploy Lemontaps across their organizations via SSO and SAML 2.0 connectivity.


Lemontaps protects your contact information.

Protecting your data is a top priority in our product,
our infrastructure and our data management.

Privacy settings

Lemontaps provides built-in admin capabilities that allow you to define permissions at the role and function level, as well as set editing and viewing restrictions.

Data management

With Lemontaps, data can be imported, exported and deleted directly at the enterprise level. 

Data infrastructure

Lemontaps is hosted exclusively on German servers in encrypted form and is ISO 27001 certified as a company.


Lemontaps is here for you.

Lemontaps is here for you.

We ensure the availability of Lemontaps and provide full transparency regarding system status and performance.


Lemontaps offers priority support and service level agreements (SLAs), including secure
system availability of 99.9% for enterprise customers and real-time and historical insights into platform status.

Business continuity

Lemontaps infrastructure not only provides reliable performance, but also daily backups and recovery options. Your data is safe with us. Our primary goal is to provide you with worry-free use of our platform.

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