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Lemontaps digital business card vs. paper business card



With just one tap, you can share all relevant info directly.

Update at any time

Update at any time

You can edit and update your profile info from anywhere in real time

Wow effect

Wow effect

You will for sure leave your prospects surprised by choosing the coolest way to exchange info with them.

For all smartphones

For all smartphones

Your Lemontaps digital business card is compatible with all smartphones and can be easily shared via QR code.

Save money

Save money

You can replace hundreds of paper cards with the business card of the future.



Gives you the chance to reduce unnecessary paper waste and thus protect the environment.

Create digital business card 

Update your digital business card information in real time.

The first step is to register for free at Lemontaps.
Now fill in your digital profile with: 

1) Contact Information: Name, email, phone or addresses

2) Links: Link to your website, social media channels , Linkedin or other call-to-actions such as booking an appointment

3) Files: Documents, like .pdfs, videos or images

4) Images: Personal touch through a professional profile picture, cover picture or company logo.

Thanks to the digital business card, your recipient now has all your relevant information directly in one place. 

Share digital business card

These are the several ways to share the Lemontaps digital business card: 

Update your digital business card information in real time.

1) QR code

You have the possibility to download a QR code in your account as a png. To share the QR code digitally, you can generate a QR code background for your phone lock screen. For online events, you can generate a video call QR background to network online as well. 

Always have your digital business card with you

2) Link

Since your digital profile is a web page, you can also share the profile as a link. You can add the link to your email signature or to your social media profiles to link to your business card profile. 

Link in email signature
NFC Business Card

3) NFC cards

The NFC card can be purchased as an option. The NFC card contains an NFC chip that allows you to share your contact details by touching the card with an NFC enabled device. The card can be customized to your corporate design via a designer and transmits your contact information to another device via NFC chip. Create NFC business card now.

Save contact

After sharing the Digital Business Card, the recipient now has the option to save the vcard (i.e. the contact file) directly into his device. So you can be sure that your contact will be saved. With the contact capture feature, your contact can also be emailed to the recipient and you can also save their contact. 

With the digital business card you can be sure that your contact will be saved.

Other features of the digital business card

Update your digital business card information in real time.

Contact entry

Using a form on the profile, you can also efficiently and digitally record and manage the contact of your counterpart. No more manually typing hundreds of cards and forgetting your contact. 

Always have your digital business card with you


With the paper business card you can never be sure of what happens next. With the analytics offered by the Lemontaps digital business card you can easily track how engaged your prospect is. You can track the number of times the card has been viewed, shared etc.  

Always have your digital business card with you.
Update your digital business card information in real time.

Central user management 

Create and manage digital business card profiles for your team centrally from the Admin Dashboard. Learn more about centralized management.

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The Starter Profile is free of charge.

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No payment details necessary.

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No installation necessary.

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