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Data Management

Manage profile data centrally

Manage profile data centrally

Admins can easily set up and edit the digital business card data of all employees via a central management dashboard. All employee contact info, images, links and files can be changed individually. Your employees can still get access to their personal edit page.

Manage profile data centrally
Who is allowed to change which data?
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Individual editing rights

Who is allowed to change which data?

You don't want an employee to call himself "CEO" or upload his ACDC playlist, but you still want to give your employees the freedom to customize their profile? With Lemontaps you can predefine what an employee can upload and what can only be controlled by the admin.

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Your profile, your logo, your branding

Your profile, your logo, your branding

Design not only the NFC business card according to your corporate identity, but also the digital business card including the profiles themselves. Decide on colors, shapes, fonts and icons. Add your company logo as well.

Your profile, your logo, your branding

Digitalization strategy:
Lemontaps digital business card saves costs &

Lemontaps digital business card saves costs & resources

Bernd Märzluft, Member of the Board of ZAM eG, a company of the cooperative financial group


"We have decided to use Lemontaps company-wide as another building block in our digitization strategy to do away with paper and "throwaway" products. We use Lemontaps as both a digital business card and an employee badge, and this dual function allows us to save costs and resources. The central management dashboard allows us to easily and quickly maintain data, images and links. Our employees are thrilled. That's why we classified it as an employee benefit."

Data security is an absolute requirement for us, not a selling point.

We've built state-of-the-art security into our product, so your data and your business are protected worry-free.

*Safety certificates

Security certificates
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