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Best NFC business card in matte black metal
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The Noble

"The Noble"

Leave a lasting impression with the very classy and elegant looking matte black metal business cards with NFC function. Matte black here means a matte black coated NFC business card all around. The core is made of stainless steel.
We can laser engrave your design and the finished matte black metal NFC business card will be a visual and haptic unforgettable experience.

Ready for shipment in 1-2 weeks

For larger orders or special designs 8 weeks

Customers example of metal business card with NFC chip
Design possibilities of metal business card

Teams and professionals worldwide trust Lemontaps NFC business cards 

Design possibilities

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Design options metal NFC business card
Laser treatmentLaser printing
(color printing only possible from 100 cards)
Front and back customizable
No, only the front can be customized. 
Color & Position QR Code
The QR code is on the left on the back.design and position can not be changed.
Design options Front:
- your logo
- optional: name, title

QR code and NFC chip; design and position cannot be changed

For larger quantities and for Teams customers, further design options are available on request ([email protected]).
Metal card NFC chip

Metal card NFC chip

Compared to plastic and wood, metal blocks the NFC signal. Therefore, a surface is dug out, the NFC chip is inserted and sealed with a plastic film. This way, the signal is not blocked and sharing via "tap function" is still possible at the marked area on the back. In addition, a QR code is placed on the business card, which also leads to the profile. 

NFC business cards comparison

Metal NFC business card Wooden NFC business card Plastic NFC business card
"tapability" Medium GoodVery good
Design options

Laser only, no color printing Color printing, not full Full surface design
Life cycle Very long Medium Long
FSC certified
No Yes No
Cards strength0,76mm1,2mm0,76mm
Cards size86mm x 54mm86mm x 54mm86mm x 54mm

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