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Wooden NFC business card

Wooden NFC business card


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Wooden NFC business card is completely made of bamboo. Due to the light color, all kinds of colors can be printed well.

On all NFC business cards there is also a QR code on the back with which your digital profile is connected (the connection with your profile is made only once you have received the card. There is no need for a link or similar in the design).

If you select "Front" for the wooden NFC business card, the QR code will be in the center of the back. If you select "Front and Back", the QR code will be on the top right of the back. 
From 15 cards, the position and color of the QR code on the back can be changed. Order via design@lemontaps.com.

Production time: approx. 2 weeks*


  • Credit card size: 86mm x 54mm
  • Thickness of the card: 1.2mm (Slightly thicker than the normal credit card - but usually fits in the wallet)



Design options

Color printing, not full


  • Your logo
  • optional: name, title

Back cover:

  • QR code
  • optional: name, title


For larger quantities and team customers, there are more design options. For special designs, please send a request to design@lemontaps.com.


Card details of wood digital business card:

  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Life cycle: Medium

Software details of a wooden digital business card:

  • Tappability: Good
  • Digital profile
  • Individual access to the profile
  • Unlimited sharing of your contact information
  • Changeable at any time
  • Unlimited upload to any links

The recipient does not need an app or Lemontaps to receive their profile.



Does the recipient need an app?
because your wooden digital business card is accessible via your personal Lemontaps website.

How does my information end up on my Lemontaps card?
As soon as the digital wooden business card arrives, you can scan the QR code on your card. Now you can register with your email address and own password and add your information to your profile.

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