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Lemontaps Starter

Create your digital business card profile for yourself easily & free of charge.


Free forever. No credit card/app required.

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Digital business card for mobile & desktop

Upload unlimited links & files

Apple Wallet, QR Code, QR Backgrounds 

Analytics & Insights


NFC cards from €9.99 in our online store design and buy directly.

Lemontaps Teams

Use Lemontaps in a team (1-50 users) and according to your corporate guidelines.

From 1,00€ / user / month

Graduated prices for user licenses and NFC cards

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Starter functions, plus:

Central user management

Use an individual company domain

Subdivision into subgroups

Corporate design profile

Add Templates & Images 

Distribute roles & rights

Mass export of QR codes/wallet

Contact capture and management

AI business card scanner for leads

Interfaces: SSO, MS AD, CRM possible

Training videos & Prio support

Lemontaps Enterprise

Recommended for teams of 50 people or more with extended security, control and support functions.

Graduated prices for licenses and NFC cards 

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Teams functions, plus:

Whitelabel functionalities such as internal design, favicon, email editor, etc.

Subdivision into subgroups with specific design & settings

Translation of profile content into any language

Lead reporting functions for trade fairs

Personal consulting & onboarding

Rollout & best-practice consulting

Lemontaps Academy video series

Dedicated support and SLA

Custom code adjustments




Add contact information

Name, telephone, e-mail, assistance information, address etc....

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Add and name links & files

Links: Any links or social media; Files: .jpg, .pdf, .mp4

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Individual profile and title picture

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Company logo

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Download contact file and import as vCard

If you click on "Save contact" in the profile, the contact file (.vcard) is downloaded, which can be imported into the contact book or Outlook

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Own profile editing page

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Change all profile data in real time

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Analytics and insights

e.g. how often the profile was accessed, which links were clicked, CO2 savings

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Mobile and desktop version

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Remove Lemontaps branding on profile page

The Lemontaps logo is at the top of the profile in the Starter tariff.

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Imprint & privacy policy link

Link to your legal notice and privacy policy, which are displayed in the footer at the bottom of the profile

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The Starter Profile is free of charge.

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No payment details necessary.

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