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SMEs and Enterprises worldwide trust Lemontaps

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Enterprise features at a glance

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Subgroups & Hierarchies

Assign users to different locations or teams that can be managed by unit admins. Set specific designs and editing rights for each unit and optimize your organization's hierarchy.

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Multiple Languages

Translate the digital business card and its content into any language. The profile is automatically called in the correct language, based on the browser language of the recipient's cell phone.

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Whitelabel functionalities

Seamlessly customize our platform to your brand with Lemontaps. Present your digital business cards and content with your own logo, font, and custom branding for a professional and consistent brand presence.

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Multiple profiles

Create and manage multiple profiles for your users. For example, you can create two profiles for an employee who belongs to two different companies or map different content depending on the event and target audience.

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Security & Compliance

Lemontaps meets your essential requirements to enable your team to work securely and successfully. Our software is developed and hosted in Germany. Protecting your data and information is our top priority.

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ISO 27001 certified

Lemontaps is ISO/IEC 27001 for Information Security Management Systems - certified by TÜV Süd.


GDPR compliant

Our product is DSGVO compliant and thus ensures the protection of personal data.

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Hosted in Germany

Lemontaps is developed in Germany and hosted on exclusively German servers.

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Control access to ensure your organization complies with
IT policies.


Our platform is designed to scale seamlessly, allowing you to easily integrate and manage up to 100,000 users. Expand your digital business cards as you grow, without compromising performance or efficiency.

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Accelerate user management

Automate user and group provisioning via SCIM with leading identity management vendors.

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Mass actions & templates

Use standard templates, bulk actions, and the Excel importer to efficiently complete tasks for multiple members.

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Integrations & Automation 

Create custom automations and integrations with CRM and HR systems to realize the full potential of Lemontaps.

ESG - Environmental, Social
and Governance

Let's protect our planet together! Switch to digital business cards and reduce unnecessary paper waste.
Measure the savings directly in the platform.

  • Assuming social responsibility
  • Protecting the environment from deforestation
  • Reduce CO2 footprint
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Fast setup and expert onboarding

A software implementation should be fast - that's why Lemontaps is ready to use in just a few days. Your personal contact is on hand to customize the solution to your needs and turn your team into Lemontaps experts.
Individual customizations specifically for your company are possible at any time. This is one of the reasons why Lemontaps is used so intensively by our customers.

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Personal, dedicated customer service

Get priority and reliable support, in person by phone or email. With our SLA and 99.9% service availability, you can be sure that any issues will be addressed promptly and efficiently to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.Thanks to our virtually self-explanatory product, as well as first-class support from our help center and comprehensive product documentation, most questions can be answered on their own.

Lemontaps Plans

Choose the right plan for your needs.

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Lemontaps Teams

Recommended for teams of up to 50 users to use Lemontaps in teams according to corporate guidelines.

Main Features:

Main Features:

  • Central admin management of all digital business cards
  • Bulk exports from QR codes/Apple/Google Wallet
  • Customize profiles according to corporate design
  • Contact capture and management
  • Distribute roles & rights
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Lemontaps Enterprise

Recommended for 50 or more users. For companies that need extra security, control and support.

All Teams functions, plus:

All Teams functions, plus:

  • Secure Access Management Integrations (SSO and SCIM)
  • Whitelabel customizations such as internal design, emails, etc.
  • Subdivision into units with unit-specific settings
  • Translation of the content into any language
  • Premium Support and SLA
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We are Digital Business Cards - Market Leader for Enterprise Customers in Europe for a reason, because we care about your needs. Here's what our customers say about working with us:

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Great value of money!

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Lina Johnson

Executive Manager

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Great value of money!

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Lina Johnson

Executive Manager