How the digital business card-iPhone is compatible and useful for these 4 industries

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How the digital business card-iPhone is compatible and useful for these 4 industries

Digital business communication has become established. Online and offline networking is essential for business communication and contributes significantly to business success. Nowadays, no one should do without a digital business card, because contact data is shared worldwide and provides personal and professional advantages. Why? You will not be forgotten and you will remain up-to-date in the contact list of your stakeholders. However, not all industries worldwide are yet using the modern alternative to the paper business card.

1. What role do business cards play for the logistics industry?

According to the German Freight Forwarding and Logistics Association, the logistics industry will have a total volume of 293 billion euros in 2021. The globalization of the economy has increased demand for fast and efficient supply chains. Companies need to deliver quickly and reliably to stay ahead of the competition.

Business cards logistics industry

What makes the logistics industry tick?

The logistics industry involves planning, implementing and controlling the efficient and affordable flow of resources, goods and information. Without the logistics industry, it would be impossible to produce and deliver the products and services we take so much for granted today. Logistics companies must nurture your business relationships and clearly communicate your services in order to compete.

Make the difference with Lemontaps digital business card

Get your competitive edge and create your business card to share the most important information. Attract attention whether at an online meeting or at the next trade show. Include your business cards in online and offline media.

NFC chip ensures fast transfer of your data

In our store you can find NFC business cards in four different designs: made of wood, plastic, metal and the pure QR code.

Stand out positively as an entrepreneur:in because you set trends or break new ground in sustainable networking, make a statement!

Become better known at a trade fair

Business cards have been a medium for making new contacts for many years. However, the paper business card is no longer up-to-date due to costs and resources. Therefore, nowadays trade fairs and events are networked with the modern digital business card. Your data can be transmitted to your counterpart in an uncomplicated and secure way.

QR code on presentation slides

Do you want to present yourself at a big trade show and give a presentation? Insert your QR code into the presentation and every person interested in your services can directly scan your contact itself and learn more details about you and your company.


Create digital business card iPhone or Android

Creating your digital business card via our Freetrial on the iPhone is just as simple as on an Android smartphone. You simply log in to our website with your email address and access your personal profile, where you can add and change data.

Example business card on iPhone

Business card on iPhone in hand

Tap option on iPhone and Android

The functions are the same for iOS and Android. You tap your NFC card on the top of any smartphone.

No extra app required

You don't need an app or an extra wallet, because on your homescreen you add Lemontaps and access your profile straightforwardly.

Another variant is, you add your business card as a QR code on your lock screen so that new contacts can connect to you.

Lemontaps compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones

No matter which smartphone you use this is the free feature we offer you. You can use the URL to put in your email signature and send to hundreds of people.

Share your card with every customer

A digital business card is an online business card that companies distribute to their customers and partners. The business card contains all the important contact information of the company such as phone number, email address and website. In addition, Lemontaps digital business cards can be enriched with other important information such as the company logo, a short profile of the company or even a link to an online portfolio.

iphone links kontakdaten

2. How does the digital business card help artists?

Artists today rely more than ever on the digital world to market and sell their artwork. In this regard, an NFC business card is a great medium to connect with artists. Potential buyers may want to go directly to the artist's website via the digital profile to get excited about a new painting.

With just one scan - connect with other artists

As an artist, you're always looking for new ways to promote your work and expand your audience. A digital business card can be a powerful tool to achieve this.

It replaces your paper business card, which you can use to represent your website with your artwork and communicate with potential buyers.

What is the best thing for an artist to link to on their digital business card?

The artist's profile is concise and clear, not necessarily transparent, but interesting. It contains basic info, such as the artist's name, possibly a picture of the artist, contact details and a short biography.

How can a digital business card help you sell your artwork?

You are active in the art scene and want to make your art more public? No problem, with the help of our QR codes you can network at any exhibition, whether online or offline event.

Your digital business card contains only the data you reveal about yourself. If you want to make your profile more popular on websites like, feel free to add your personal Lemontaps QR code on the website and stand out from the crowd.

Make a statement at the next exhibition

You had the vernissage of your life and met famous people from the art scene - how impressive! In this special moment you can network with a person with your digital business card.

Take pictures together with your camera and deposit them directly in the profile . So you save a significant meeting and have the option to hear and write again.

                                    Share the business card at the next art exhibition

Use business cards as an advertising medium

On the next Art Gallery you deposit in your digital profile a link to an augmented reality vernissage that will soon take place online. Guide your acquaintances and future buyers through your current art world.

Or you are planning a joint art project with other artists - expand your common network and make it easier to get in touch.

Stand out in the art world

In the world of art, a statement is created with the help of colors, shapes and materials - this can criticize, bring joy, cheer up and bring about positive as well as negative changes in society.


At exhibitions, the QR code can be displayed by the artist directly next to the work. This way, interested visitors can directly get information about the artist.

ios technology

3. For business mediators: Use the digital business card and get more leads

                                  Use digital business card on all channels for lead generation!

You as a business mediator:in provide a neutral bridge between two or more parties in companies, government agencies or associations to manage a crisis or resolve a conflict between them. You do something wonderful by trying to learn about different needs of your interested parties and, in the best case, find a solution with which everyone is satisfied.

The digital business card supports you in your role as mediator

In your role as a mediator, you deal with many different people every day. Have you already thought about how you want to stand out from your competition?

Draw attention to yourself

With your digital business card from Lemontaps, you can link and draw attention to your professional achievements, whether on your social media account, website or LinkedIn. Network with other companies and generate more leads. In any business, there will be conflicts worth resolving.

Get noticed with NFC business cards QR codes

A digital business card can make your business more popular. Check out the different NFC business cards with NFC chip in our store. The most modern is the one in the form of a QR code. Create your card today with profile picture, contact details and links to your important files.

At any time you make changes and they are uploaded at the same time. The QR code is also printed on your NFC cards. With one scan you are in the address book of your counterpart and will not be forgotten there.

4. How to stay with your craft in your contractor's smartphone

According to the German Confederation of Skilled Crafts, the skilled crafts sector forms the core of the German economy. Over one million businesses appear in the registers of skilled crafts and in the directory for skilled crafts businesses. Over 5.5 million people are employed in this industry.Today, craft businesses offer a wide range of services, from planning and consulting to execution, maintenance and repair.

Photograph and record the current work performance at the contractor's site

In the skilled trades, the digital business card is a professional tool for showing customers the quality of one's own services. This is because craft businesses are usually small and medium-sized and therefore do not have large marketing departments.

The digital business card is a good way to introduce the craft company and its services and give customers a first impression of the quality of work.

                                  Deposit the work performance via in the contact of the digital business card

As an entrepreneur use every advantage over the competition

Why not take advantage of it and show other people your work? You will notice that satisfied customers will also pass on your digital business card. In these times when craftsmen are facing a strong demand, your contact with deposited portfolio will multiply and people will be happy to find them in your smartphone address book.

Our wish from Lemontaps

If your craftsmen are on the road visiting customers and have successfully completed their work, they connect to the digital business cards and take a photo with your smartphone camera of the current performance.

This is then simply saved in the contact. And they are already in the customer's contact list. This is our wish from Lemontaps, stay connected with your important people and benefit from the simplicity of our vCard in everyday life.

Create a Lemontaps profile

Take the chance and create a digital business card for free with your data. In just a few minutes it will be ready to use and share this card with customers and other prospects. You can link digital business cards to your website and add them to social media profiles so people can find them online.

About it share contact information

Remember, you only have one opportunity to make a lasting first impression. Network in offline trade shows, online meetings, via social media and professional networks like LinkedIn with your unique profile. Nearly every successful company has an online presence in the form of its own website or social media channels. Use your modern digital business card with your corporate design and increase your network!

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