The NFC business card: iPhone use, functions and possible applications.

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The NFC business card: iPhone use, functions and possible applications.

As a manager, you always want to make a professional and strong first impression. That's where your business card can make a big difference. While the regular business card is a great tool, the app-free NFC business card is even better!

Learn what NFC is and what great features and uses the NFC business card has in store for you and your iPhone in this blog article.

What are NFC business cards?

NFC is the English abbreviation for "NearField Communication", which translates into German as "Nahfeldkommunikation". Simply put, NFC stands for the wireless exchange of data by means of electromagnetic induction.

Unlike Bluetooth, or radio frequency RFID, the signal only reaches 10 to 20 centimeters, which in turn guarantees secure and error-free information transmission.

Function of the NFC chip

In the modern NFC business cards is implemented a so-called NFC tag, which is nothing more than a small NFC chip with a spiral antenna.

This tag enables contactless data transfer to an NFC-enabled smartphone. With an app, this NFC tag can also be personalized at any time.

NFC chip

iPhone is NFC-enabled

Many smartphones are NFC-enabled and can read and write NFC tags. The NFC card is a special type of card that contains NFC tags and can therefore be read and written with NFC-enabled smartphones.

What are the variants of NFC business cards?

Currently, there are two NFC versions of the digital vCard:

  1. Contact data deposit in QR code

When the NFC business card is scanned, the contact is sent directly to the smartphone's address book. Since the data is stored in the code in advance, the contact data cannot be changed afterwards either.

  1. Link to online business card in code

Here, the scan of the NFC tag is directly forwarded to the online business card. The data can be used directly, either for reference viewing, or for direct contact by mail or phone call.

The unique advantage is that the data of the online business card can be changed and adjusted at any time.

For these reasons, we at Lemontaps use only the 2nd variant.

The advantages over conventional paper business cards

Here's why you should ditch the paper cards and switch to an NFC business card: 

  1. No more manual typing. Via NFC, your contacts are forwarded to the online business card and can contact you directly or view information there.

  2. You only need one business card, so through multiple use, an NFC business card is resource-saving and sustainable.

  3. Fast, secure and easy data transfer without loss.

  4. If you forgot your smartphone, the NFC business card is enough to exchange and read the contact information: Email, phone number, vCard file, profile picture, social media.

More space for your data on the digital vCard and QR code. This information can be changed at any time.


NFC business cards are available in different materials

  1. Wood: Unique eye-catcher, biodegradable / compostable

  2. Precious metal: High quality and durable, logo is laser engraved

  3. PVC: life cycle up to 24 months, card can be completely covered with a design


On which devices does NFC technology work?

Over 95% of all smartphones on the market are already NFC-enabled. This also applies to tablets and smartwatches. NFC technology offers a wide range of possible applications.

If you own a newer device, it will certainly be NFC-enabled, but old devices can also be retrofitted with external NFC chips. NFC can be activated on Android devices under Settings > Wireless & networks > More

If you don't know exactly how to enable your NFC, or are wondering if your device is NFC-enabled, feel free to contact our Lemontaps team, we'll be happy to help!

Use NFC business cards iOS

NFC business card iPhone scan


The NFC sensor is located on the head area of your phone.

The NFC Business Card from Lemontaps - A vCard that does it all!

Developed and hosted in Germany, Lemontaps' NFC business card is not only efficient, sustainable and stylish, but also secures your data with effective SSL encryption.

The modern, simple and contactless exchange of your data makes everyday life easier for you and your customers and ensures successful customer acquisition!

A QR code is printed on your vCard for quick data exchange.

Possible applications of the NFC business cards

Many people wonder where they can use their NFC vCard. Here are some places where you can use it:

Business dinner

Planning a business lunch with potential new customers? With your NFC card from Lemontaps you will leave a lasting impression.

Be sure to offer your card for scanning so that interested parties and your clients with a tap can get your contact information and get back to you after dinner together.

Conferences and fairs

At conferences and trade fairs: At conferences and trade shows, it's common for attendees to exchange business cards. If you have your digital business card with you, you can easily exchange information with others and make new contacts.

Design business cards: start right now

Design your own medium right away for perfect networking. You choose directly in our store your model, add your logo.

According to your idea, choose the colors. Front and back you can customize.

 Design NFC business card

Example NFC business cards design

Example vCard design

In our store you will find all the materials and if you have any questions, you can always contact us!


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Interested? Then create a digital business card now for free and become a digital pioneer!