How to choose the right color symbol for your NFC chip business card

You want to create an NFC business card and you don't know anything about the meaning of colors? Every color affects us differently and has a different message. Where do we encounter colors when creating the digital business card? What areas can actually be customized in the digital business card? And what color is appropriate for your desired statement? You don't want to make a mistake when designing your NFC digital business card, then the following information will help you.

What role do colors play in the use of an NFC chip business card?

Colors have a powerful psychological impact and can play an important role in the design of your NFC business card. Colors can help create a sense of professionalism and trust, but a wrong choice can prevent your customer from taking your business seriously.

The business card is a kind of self-advertising for you. If you work for a company, of course, also advertising for your company in which you are employed. Therefore, the psychological effect of colors for the design of the business card is an important aspect to consider. With each color you can arouse a different emotion in your lead.

What is the meaning of the individual colors?

Consciously design your business card according to your color scheme and know the meaning of colors so they come across right. They influence our emotions, our moods, and they can affect how we feel about ourselves. But what do each color mean and what do they do? Let's take a look at the meaning of colors, each of which has a unique message for us.


Red business cards

Red is associated with passion, energy, strength and courage. It is an intense color that can evoke strong emotions in people. Red stimulates both the physical and mental realms and inspires action. It also represents self-confidence, power and ambition.

Red is often used to represent danger or warning, as it easily stands out from other colors. Since ancient times, it has also been used to convey love and romance. It's easy to see why this bright hue has been so popular throughout history!


Orange nfc business cards

Orange is associated with warmth, enthusiasm, cheerfulness, happiness, creativity, playfulness and friendliness. It is a bright color that often evokes a feeling of enthusiasm and optimism in people who come into contact with it. In some cultures, orange also symbolizes success and achievement, which is why it is popular with companies that want to project a successful image.


Blue business cards

Blue is associated with peace, tranquility, trustworthiness, confidence, intelligence, loyalty, stability, truthfulness and serenity. The color blue has traditionally been associated with trustworthiness since ancient times, as it has a calming effect on people who look at it or are exposed to it for a long period of time.


This soothing hue is often used in corporate logos or branding campaigns to convey the reliability and dependability of a product or service offered by the company in question.

Blue has a positive connotation

Overall, however, blue has a positive connotation and is therefore suitable for most applications, from packaging design to website design elements such as buttons or backgrounds, where the viewer should feel comfortable and concentrate on the task at hand without feeling overwhelmed by too many sensory impressions at once.


Green business cards

Green represents growth, nature, fertility and safety. Green is often seen in landscapes and gardens, as well as on road signs indicating safe areas.

It is also used in marketing materials to signify freshness or health. Green can be calming and soothing, making it a good choice for businesses that want to convey a sense of comfort and security.


Yellow NFC business cards

Yellow is associated with sunshine, optimism, energy and joy. Bright yellow is often used to attract attention, while softer tones evoke feelings of calm and relaxation. This color can be found on roadside warning signs as well as in marketing materials intended to convey joy or optimism.


Black business cards

Black is associated with power and elegance. This dramatic color conveys sophistication and luxury, making it the ideal choice for luxury brands or those seeking a mysterious or sophisticated aesthetic.

The colors on your digital business card may have different meanings in other cultures

It is also important to know that color associations vary from culture to culture.


In many Western cultures, white is associated with purity and innocence. In India and China, on the other hand, white is often associated with death, as it is a tradition there to wear white during the period of mourning.

In many cultures, white can also stand for a new beginning. For example, brides in Western countries often wear white on their wedding day as a symbol of purity and innocence.


In some cultures, such as Egypt and Greece, black is associated with death and mourning, while in many Western countries it is considered the color of elegance or power.


Red is a color that has been associated with many positive connotations throughout history; in many Western countries such as Italy or France, it is considered a symbol of passion or love.

In East Asian countries like China and Japan, on the other hand, it is seen more positively than negatively - symbolizing joy, happiness, contentment and celebration. Red envelopes filled with money are traditionally presented as good luck charms at Chinese New Year celebrations!


Green is a color that has a very positive connotation everywhere!

In the West it is often associated with nature, but in East Asia green often symbolizes youthfulness, being associated with plants that represent growth and life cycles. In many cultures - from Ireland to India - it is also considered a good luck charm.



Blue has very positive associations in almost every part of the world, whether it's loyalty (Britain), truth (Greece) or peace (Japan). It's also a good choice for anyone looking for something calming - blue has long been known as one of the most relaxing colors around!


Yellow has very different meanings depending on the country - while in China it stands for royalty or wealth, elsewhere (e.g. traffic lights) it can be understood as a warning signal. But in general, yellow stands for energy and optimism

Exchange contact data with NFC business cards

Decided to get rid of paper business cards for the sake of the environment? The only thing you need for successful networking is your smartphone and an NFC business card from Lemontaps. No extra app is required to use the business card.

Your NFC business card can have your QR code printed on it, via which your profile can be opened by your contact in the same way as with your NFC card.

All you need is a current and professional profile picture, their contact information, other data and links to your social media profile.

Create NFC chip business card for business

There is a big difference in the design of a business card for a company. There will be a corporate design that you follow and whose colors will be used on the NFC card. In some cases, from the corporate design, only one color is chosen for the background and a logo to go with it. Others prefer two colors and possibly take a graphic to it.

NFC business card color design for individuals

In a private environment, you can of course play with colors in a different way if you want to make a corresponding statement. Perhaps you are privately very creative and therefore imagine an NFC card with especially many colors. Privately you would use other colors than in the professional environment, no problem.

NFC business cards configurator

We also create your NFC business card together with you or you simply use our NFC card configurator. With this you can easily choose the colors and font, which graphics should be placed where and see your created NFC business card at the end.

Design for nfc cards

Conclusion on the color design of an NFC business card

Choosing the right colors for your digital business card can make all the difference when you're trying to reach an international audience.

It's important to know how certain hues are interpreted in different cultures - because one wrong move could mean you alienate potential customers or partners without even realizing it!

Find out in advance about the effect of colors and try it out

By learning about the meaning of each color in advance and using strategic design techniques, such as layering or combining complementary hues (e.g., blue and yellow), you can create a stunning visual representation of your brand that will resonate well no matter where your target audience is from! Have fun designing!


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