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NFC Kunststoffkarte

NFC Kunststoffkarte


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Credit card size: 86mm x 54 mm


The core is made of PVC.



  • The background can be white or a picture.
  • Your logo
  • optional: name, title


  • QR code
  • optional: name, title, logo

For special designs please send a request to:


Card details of the plastic digital business card:

  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Life cycle: 18-24 months

Software details of the plastic digital business card:

  • digital profile
  • own access to the profile
  • Unlimited sharing of your contact information
  • Changeable at any time
  • Unlimited upload to any links

The recipient does not need an app or Lemontap to receive their profile.


How do I cancel the subscription if I have opted for the Pro rather than the free Starter tariff?
you no longer want to use Lemontaps and your plastic digital business card, you can cancel at any time at the end of the current annual cycle of your term.

Does the recipient need an app?
because your digital plastic business card can be accessed via your personal Lemontaps website.

How does my information end up on my Lemontaps card?
As soon as the digital plastic business card arrives, you can scan the QR code on your card. Now you can register with your email address and your own password and add your information to your profile.

"Die Praktische"

Die praktische NFC-Visitenkarte aus Kunststoff! Unser geheimer Favorit, weil man die Karte am besten designen kann und die „Tapping“ Funktion mühelos und am besten funktioniert.
Da Nachhaltigkeit uns auch hier wichtig ist, besteht diese NFC-Visitenkarte aus 60% recyceltem Material. Die Karte ist zudem sehr langlebig und hält mehrere Jahre.

Produktionszeit: ca. 2 Wochen
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